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  • Buy good companies. And own them forever. As investment approaches go, it is seductively simple. In a financial world that often looks confused, and in places absurd, buying and holding a portfolio of high-quality companies has evident appeal. Ten years into a bull market, the approach is back in vogue. Owning high-quality equities has worked well over the past 20 years.

    However, from today’s starting point – with high valuations, and a cosy consensus around the business fundamentals – these high-quality stocks look unappealing. Are these supposedly ‘safe’ stocks now, counterintuitively, one of the least attractive parts of the market? Duncan MacInnes

  • Duncan MacInnes, investment director, discusses Covid-19: how it has changed the investment landscape, the impact on the Ruffer portfolio and what could happen next.

  • Ronald Reagan ran in 1984 with a famous TV commercial which started with the line ‘It’s morning in America’. This was to signify that the best was yet to come. We think there is a chance, just a chance, that the UK could also be at the start of an exciting period.

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